Casa Naila by BAAQ’ Studio

Casa Naila, by BAAQ’ Studio, consists of a housing project that is located on a 740 m² plot located in Puertecito, a small coastal community in Oaxaca, 20 km from Puerto Escondido. The creative process of Casa Naila started from the idea of ​​defining 2 compositional axes, creating a cross-shaped patio that articulates the 4 volumes that make up the project. These blocks were the key aspects to achieving an adequate integration between the architecture and its immediate surroundings.
Each of the volumes consists of isolated buildings with different heights and sloping roofs, alluding to the rocky and rugged topography of the beach. The architectural program is developed both inside and outside, seeking spatial and functional efficiency, where the nucleus of the project is made up of living areas, connecting with the private areas through the central patio and the pool. In this way, a simple, aesthetic, and low-maintenance home is achieved, with the capacity to accommodate up to 15 people.
The volumes on its ground floor are made of apparent reinforced concrete, in this way it was sought to direct and frame the views of the spaces to the south and east. On the upper floor, the spaces are made up of a structure made from wood and palm bone frames, which is a predominant material in the area and is used as a traditional construction system in vernacular homes on the Oaxaca coast.
Due to the climatic characteristics of the region, the arrangement of the palm bone and the use of mosquito netting allows the permeability and ventilation of the spaces, in addition to creating an interesting play of shadows and transparencies during the day, and a contrast of lights during the day. the night; making the house appear in the distance like a lighthouse on the coast. Named after the traditional song of the Oaxacan coast, Casa Naila seeks to pay homage to Oaxaca in all its aspects, from the choice of materials and construction systems, its customs, and experience of spaces, and above all the way it is cooked.

Photography by Edmund Sumner

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Casa Naila, by BAAQ' Studio, consists of a housing project that is located on a 740 m² plot located in Puertecito, a small coastal community in Oaxaca...

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