Welcome to my Blog!

I am Natassa, a Greek dweller, Interior design addict, bicycle and a travel fanatic.
This is my blog of my amazing interior design world, and I aspire to enrich you with creative interior and
exterior home designs.
My experience has allowed me to achieve a lifetime dream- to inspire others through my collections. Therefore I have chosen collections of art that will influence my followers to adopt and create. These designs standout and have their own uniqueness and beauty.

My aim is to expose modern, comfortable and above all stylish space. My passion for this blog drives me daily to present pieces of art that will trigger my readers to try new things and sustain a passion for home design.

A special thanks to my family especially to my husband as I have their 100% support on this blog.

Last but not least I dedicate this blog to my father who passed away so early. He was the person who always told me to never give up and that my love for home design will drive me to achieve the best results, AboutDecorationBlog. Enjoy !


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