Santos Apartment by Atelier PECLAT+CHOW

The Atelier PECLAT+CHOW has designed a minimal apartment located in São Paulo, Brazil the “Santos Apartment”. The renewal of this 120sqm 1950’s apartment was designed to integrate the living space fully, while clearly defining three different functions: kitchen, living room and home office, whose rhythm is given by a thoughtful sequence of volumes and voids. The apartment’s terrazzo floor with its opaque surface and subtle non-homogeneity, intersects with exposed white-painted brick walls and textured walls hiding the storage areas and doors.
The white metallic grid ceiling, along with the Terrazzo floor unifies all the apartment rooms and poses as an additional layer of textures and rhythm to the whole. The curation of materials is very precise to reinforce both the cohesive identity and the fact that no detail was left unchecked. Door handles, switches, faucets, and even windows, were entirely designed by Atelier PECLAT+CHOW and produced locally. The Atelier PECLAT+CHOW also designed the white sofa and armchair, the marble coffee table, the kitchen table, and some lighting fixtures, along with all built-in furniture.
This project was about creating a secluded, serene urban retreat using a soft, luxurious, yet restrained material palette. The atmosphere of the house is uniquely tranquil, comfortable and surprisingly elegant.

PHOTOGRAPHY Luiza Maraschin

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The Atelier PECLAT+CHOW has designed a minimal apartment located in São Paulo, Brazil the "Santos Apartment". The renewal of this 120sqm 1950’s...

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