Kennedy Apartment by Guillaume Alan

The Parisian designer Guillaume Alan designed this beautiful Paris apartment perched in a magnificent 19th-century Haussmannian edifice, the Kenney apartment. The house is the prime example of the art “less is more”, in which Guillaume explored the varied degrees of sophistication achieved by way of composure and restraint. “This project expresses a minimalist poetry of space, an elaborate and highly precise process, giving birth to a universe of serenity, calmness, and emotion,” says Alan to Architectural Digest.
In the apartment, he used degraded shades on a subtle gray spectrum, in order to make it more minimalistic. Alan opted for the confidence of simplicity, displaying the subtle alchemy between strict, angular architectural lines and bold material textures. In order to give more light to the apartment he used bespoke painted walls, light gray brushed-oak floors, natural marbles, brushed-ash wood, raw linens, soft leathers, silks, wool creating a coherent whole.

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