House R by Hans Verstuyft Architecten

A proven eye for detail, an admiration for craftsmanship and a deep respect for history take centre stage in architect Hans Verstuyft’s latest Flemish residence, the House R. Architect Hans Verstuyft is renowned for his minimalist and timeless designs that blend modern Scandinavian elements with a deep appreciation for context and history. His latest project, ‘House R,’ nestled in historic farmland, showcases his signature style characterized by architectural lines, open spaces, and an emphasis on natural light and airflow.
The house is inspired by Flemish architectural features, with a rectangular shape, steep-pitched roof, and gabled ends, all constructed with masonry. Collaborating with landscape architect Erik Dhont, the surrounding gardens enhance the home’s connection to its environment. The use of construction materials, such as rough plastered facing brick and reclaimed Burgundy tiles, adds to the farmstead’s established feel while maintaining a contemporary and refined spatial perception.
Inside, the home features a functional layout, with communal spaces in one wing and private areas in the other. Raw materials like exposed concrete, terracotta tiles, and natural stone create a subdued palette, complemented by dark, smoked oak timber. Custom-designed furniture and lighting, including pieces by Hans and artist Jos Devriendt, contribute to the artisanal atmosphere.
House R embodies Hans Verstuyft’s commitment to craftsmanship, design, and attention to detail, resulting in a home that harmoniously integrates historical elements and modern aesthetics, driven by a profound connection to light, nature, landscape, and material exploration.

PHOTOGRAPHY Piet-Albert Goethals

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The House R, the latest Flemish residence of architect Hans Verstuyft’s. Architect Hans Verstuyft is renowned for his minimalist and timeless designs...

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