Pnoes Tinos by Aristides Dallas Architects

Pnoes Tinos by Aristides Dallas Architects, a proud member of Design Hotels is the first design holiday destination on the island of Tinos, Cyclades. Designed as a cluster of villas with private pools and gardens, Pnoēs embodies the spirit of the place in its architecture and hospitality philosophy, aimed at relaxation and regeneration.
The architecture of Pnoēs is a physical manifestation of the elements that define the island. Earth, wind, and water shape the composition and materiality and enrich the experience of living. Earth expressed like cave habitats are conceptually carved out of the rock, defining the experience of utmost protection and intimacy. The submerged bedroom spaces remain hidden and unexposed, as they subtly frame the scenery from the inside out, fostering an atmosphere of shade, privacy, and introspection, warmed by earthy colors and tactile textures.
The wind is symbolized by three white-washed cubic shapes gently placed above of the earth belonging to the wind. As they float, protecting the most intimate spaces, the airy white cubes open up to the uncompromising landscape, in a play of voids and mass that lets wind travel through and redefines aesthetic perception.
Interpreting the Cycladic spirit, they are “the play of pure volumes under the sun”, an endless light and shadow contrast, a reference to the tradition of the medieval settlements on the island. Water surrounds the villas, creates a reflection, and softens the materiality of the forms. It sublimates the objects and their colors, it provides serenity and introspection, and it purifies and regenerates.

Location:Tinos, Greece
Architect:Aristides Dallas Architects
Design Team:Aristides Dallas, Katerina Bali, Rafail Sergios, Ioanna Gargalietou, Vasilis Kekeris, Georgia Salta, Haritina Trikka, Elina Parcharidou, Theodora Bobori
Detailed Design Team:Ioanna Gargalietou, Theodora Bobori, Mario Genovesi, Katerina Striki, Gina Danochristou
Interior Design:Theodora Bobori, Haritina Trikka
Structural Engineering:Emmanouil Roditis
E/M Engineering:Antonis Apergis
Lighting Study:CPLD Lighting Design Christos Papachristos
Landscape Design:Richard Gerritsen
Photos:Panagiotis Voumvakis, Kirill Samarits
Construction Management:AD Architects

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Pnoes Tinos by Aristides Dallas Architects, a proud member of Design Hotels is the first design holiday destination on the island of Tinos, Cyclades...

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