Manna Hotel in Arcadia, Peloponnese by K-Studio

The Manna Hotel by K-studio originally was constructed in the late 1920s by the charity organization “Soldier’s Mother,” and served as a refuge for tuberculosis patients seeking healing in the picturesque woods for nearly a decade. Designed by Swiss architects, deviated from the neoclassical trends of the time, incorporating central European architectural elements.
The advent of penicillin in 1938 rendered such sanatoriums obsolete, leading to the abandonment of Manna, later repurposed as a source of building materials for neighboring constructions. Inspired by childhood memories, Stratis Batayas fulfilled a dream by acquiring and rejuvenating Manna, redefining concepts of hospitality, wellness, and retreat through a contemporary lens. The secluded location, surrounded by unspoiled nature and emblematic architecture, inspired a vision of optimistic and respectful continuity.
To revive the untouched walls while maintaining the property’s original identity, a balance between historical roots and a contemporary approach was struck. Collaborating with archaeological authorities, the team traced original intentions and reconstructed missing elements, paving the way for the building’s future without being limited by its past. The client’s ambition was to reinterpret the mountain sanctuary concept with contemporary terms, creating a year-round destination for isolation, community-making, and participation in daily activities.
With 32 rooms, the hotel connects the main building to an additional structure, introducing a second axis and renegotiating access points. The morphological discussion led to a steeper roof slope, aligning with the central European roots of the concept. Guests are welcomed in a cozy area with local treats, progressing to a Lounge area dominated by a Bar referencing the property’s healing past. An open Kitchen invites guest participation, while the annex houses wellness areas, integrating into the terrain.
Rooms feature a timber space grid, reflecting original elements, with a focus on natural materials. The building’s mixed structural system and perforated main walls showcase a century-old wisdom in energy efficiency. Preservation efforts include repurposing original materials and involving local craftsmen. Manna aims to be a timeless sanctuary fostering community and introspection, with Grande common spaces and secluded areas. The property’s F&B venue and spa aspire to become standalone attractions, contributing to a fuller experience in the arcadic landscape.

Photography by Ana Santl for Design Hotels

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