Ethos Vegan Hotel in Fira by Kapsimalis Architects

Kapsimalis‘s intention for the Ethos Vegan Hotel was to reconstruct an old, two-story family residence placed in the center of Fira Village, which was initially built after the 1956’s earthquake in Santorini and expanded in height during the 80s’. The former residence was converted into a small vegan hotel with two suites and a small reception/kitchen on the ground floor, as also as three suites on the first floor.
The general geometries and forms of the existing residence’s outer shell were maintained and improvised by the removal and addition of several building elements, in terms of its transformation to a more plain structure and its integration into the cubistic and white-colored village of Fira. White thin metallic handrails for protection, solid or perforated walls, made by diverse types of ceramic claustra, that create different kinds of private or semi-private areas leaving the wind and light to pass through, a new staircase that leads to the terrace and expansions of the existing volume in some parts are the additions made to turn it into a contemporary structure.
One of the most important objectives of the proposal was to apply the vegan way of life to the design. The non-use of materials and furniture derived from animal products, the use of materials that are made by recyclable components, the use of natural materials such as ceramics, clay, stone, oak wood, mortar, cotton, hemp, linen, etc., the use of products made by local craftsmen, the construction of building furniture, the use of earth tones, the use of plants and greenery, the addition of water features, the assurance of natural light and fresh air, the use of new technology for the building to function with less energy consumption, were parameters that taken into consideration in order to create biophilic and sustainable spaces that enhance calmness and balance.
The proposal experiment with the design possibilities of transforming an existing two-story building, into a place that serves the vegan ethics and style of life, providing well living, warmth, hospitality, calmness, and the experience of the authentic island holidays, as a hidden gem in the middle of a very dense settlement like the village of Fira.

Photography by Yiorgos Kordakis

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Kapsimalis's intention for the Ethos Vegan Hotel was to reconstruct an old, two-story family residence placed in the center of Fira Village, which was...

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