Easter Aquarium

A beautiful idea in order to decorate your house is this fantastic Easter Aquarium. The high edges of the glass vase support nicely and also avoid soil and grass on the table. The materials that you are going to need are:
1. Glass vase with solid bottom and approx. 20 cm high edges (they used an IKEA RECTANGLE glass vase, SEK 149).
2. Grass – out and pick so it covers the bottom of the vase
3. Pearl hyacinths, 5-6 pcs
4. Mini daffodils, about 4-5
5. Quail eggs, about 10 pcs
6. Feathers
The steps for this Easter Aquarium are:Put the grass on the bottom. Take the pearl hyacinths from the pot and clear most of the soil, same with the daffodils; rinse the roots in water or brush off with, for example, an old toothbrush. Place the flowers in the vase on the grass. Decorate with feathers and put in the eggs last. Shower or drop some water on the roots about every other day. More often if they are very hot. The cooler – the longer the flowers last, so lift the vase out, or to a cooler place, at night.
This beautiful Easter Aquarium is from Minna Mercke Schmidt.
Happy Easter!

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