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Alchemist Mykonos by Kois Associated Architects
Greek Architects

Boutique Alchemist in Mykonos by Kois Associated Architects

The project is located in the heart of the Chora of Mykonos designed by Kois Associated Architects. Actually, the designers achieved to match absolutely the traditional architectural features of the space with a modern and minimalist approach.
Alexander Wang’s Store in Soho, New York

Alexander Wang’s Store in Soho, NYC

Alexander Wang enlisted Ryan Korban to create a store that felt like an extension of something very personal, while working with the iconic feel of this land marked building.
Marbo Shirt Store

Marbo Shirt store. A store with character.

George Marbo with his over 35 years of experience is a master craftsman. His namesake label Marbo Shirt offers the gentlemen of Sydney a bespoke tailoring service which produces crisp, well-constructed dress shirts.

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