Casa Alférez by Ludwig Godefroy Architecture

The Casa Alférez, by Ludwig Godefroy Architecture, concept is rooted in the idea of a woodland cabin, embodying a romantic notion of a protective sanctuary amidst nature. The designer envisioned the house as a cube that appears to have crashed onto the forest floor, blending seamlessly with the trees. The design is structured around three key principles: Isolated Forest Retreat:
The project aims to create an isolated dwelling in the forest while prioritizing a profound sense of security. The house is conceived as a concrete vault, combining the romantic language of a cabin with the protective qualities of a fortress. This dual character gives rise to a unique blend, where the structure is both a romantic retreat and a robust shelter.
Compact and Vertical Design: The structural footprint is intentionally compact to navigate the challenging topography economically. To address this, the house grows vertically rather than horizontally. The design incorporates a suspended rooftop terrace as a second ground floor, creating distinct areas for morning and afternoon activities. The structure appears as if a box precariously dropped onto the natural slope, embodying a delicate balance between the perceived lightness of a cabin and the weightiness of the concrete fortress.
Seeking Light and Interaction with Nature: Emphasizing interaction with the environment, the house is designed to capture light among the trees and establish a connection with the majestic pine trees. The compact 9×9-meter footprint is complemented by a vertical growth strategy, allowing inhabitants to reach out to the branches of the tall pines.
The house configuration unfolds in half levels organized around a double height, creating a cathedral-like atmosphere inside. High windows and skylights at the top diffuse light throughout the interior, compensating for the limited windows on the ground floor. This approach not only maximizes natural light but also accentuates the relationship between the structure and the surrounding nature, embodying a harmonious fusion of architectural innovation, natural integration, and a distinctive play between solidity and lightness.

Photography by Rory Gardiner

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The Casa Alférez, by Ludwig Godefroy Architecture, concept is rooted in the idea of a woodland cabin, embodying a romantic notion of a protective...

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