Cabanon Concrete Retreat by Antonis Choudalakis and Sofia Mavroudis

Antonis Choudalakis, a Greek artist, and Sofia Mavroudis, a Swedish/Greek art curator, have transformed their shared passion for nature, architecture, and art into a unique project – Cabanon Concrete Retreat. The Cabanons, crafted from concrete, pay homage to Le Corbusier’s iconic Le Cabanon, a gift to his wife based on the Modulor concept—an anthropometric scale derived from the human body. Reflecting the essence of “Mediterranean balance,” these structures symbolize appreciation for Le Corbusier’s devotion to the Mediterranean.
Le Corbusier’s 18 summers at Le Cabanon epitomized a modernist utopia, embracing the simplicity of Mediterranean life. The Cabanons emulate this love for the region’s history, rugged landscapes, and natural beauty—rock formations, olive trees, and the sea. Embracing simplicity, unnecessary space is discarded, creating an interconnected environment where time is unhurried, and life’s essentials take precedence—feeling the sea breeze and leisurely pursuits. Le Corbusier, a multifaceted artist, understood the importance of downtime amid productivity.
The Cabanons, echoing this philosophy, intertwine the roles of Antonis and Sofia—his focus on the interconnectedness of history, identity, and physical spaces, and her exploration of site-specificity, emphasizing the organic interaction between individuals and their environment. A site, for them, transcends mere physicality, encompassing historical, social, and cultural dimensions. Their work encapsulates the intrigue of a place, emphasizing that it is more than a geographical location—it is a dynamic, ever-evolving entity shaped by context, history, and human interaction.

Concept/Interior design: Sofia Mavroudis and Antonis Choudalakis
Architecture: Batakis Architects
Photography by Alpha Smoot, Dimitris Barounis, Sofia Mavroudis

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Cabanon Concrete Retreat by Antonis Choudalakis and Sofia Mavroudis is a unique project that was made after their shared passion for nature...

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