A small house by Babel Studio

The Babel Studio renovated a small house in Casco Viejo of Bilbao. The architects’ primary objective was maximizing space utilization, leading to a three-step solution for an efficient and flexible living arrangement. Firstly, they established an open floor plan that utilizes the building’s architecture to create intimate spaces, particularly for sleeping areas. Cheerful pastel shades were chosen to enhance natural light, complementing the bespoke furniture that promotes a sense of flow and movement.
Driven by efficiency and flexibility, the design defies traditional day-night zone divisions, resembling traditional Japanese houses with multifunctional rooms adapting to different times of the day. The continuous room layout, except for the bathroom, features a buttery yellow resin floor. Beds emerge from walls, and wardrobes transform into windows or desks, offering a dynamic and adaptable environment. While the kitchen, living room and dining room merge into a multifunctional space, sleeping areas find shelter in corners, benefiting from the building’s geometry or the privacy created by storage units.
Individualized spaces for each family member, strategically designed for studying, playing, and sleeping, encourage family togetherness within the architectural framework. Another key goal was the integration of built-in furniture to eliminate the common issue of accumulating and discarding pieces for functionality. Custom units ensure optimal use of available space, contributing to a modern, fresh, and child-friendly design that challenges conventional notions of living in compact environments. The result is an inviting space that sparks contemplation on innovative ways to inhabit small living spaces.

photography by Luis Díaz Díaz

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The Babel Studio renovated a small house in Casco Viejo of Bilbao. The architects' primary objective was maximizing space utilization, leading to a...

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